Does your life feel like everything you touch turns to sh&*?

Would you like to stop the landslide that is your life? Be happy again?

We all go through times of trial. It seems like nothing we do turns out how we would like. People get pissed at us for…

Resources vs. Resourcefulness

If one combination of words can change your life, this would be that combination. Not starting anything because of a lack of resources stifles life. However, being resourceful can overcome lack.

· Can’t start my business, no money.

· Can’t go to college, no money.

· Can’t…

Do you want to win today?

Do you want to achieve massive results today?

What that day looks like is the entire organization down to the last detail. Learn to do this consistently daily, and you will change your life forever!

The key to success comes in the form of…

Better believe it “knowledge is power.”
The number one reason in my mind that people quit doing something is because of a lack of knowledge. If you knew all the answers per se, you could continue and not stop. If you don’t have the answers, find them. Educate yourself.

Learning to still your mind is life-changing. Nothing good comes from chaos, no focus, and our inability to calm down during the crisis. When faced with life’s challenges, how we meet those challenges will determine how we get through.

I am not suggesting that you can learn to remain calm…

Change, change, and more change. If the world uses any phrase ad nauseam, this will rank right at the top. Of course, lots of things need to change. But who really controls growth? The world, the public, the government?

Screaming from on high people are demanding change. Crying about it…

Robert Bruton

Documentary filmmaker, Outdoor photographer and writer. We bring life full-circle.

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